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Dr. Jerold Kaminsky, D.C. and his wife Dr. Debra Garofalo-Kaminsky provide both excellent and experienced chiropractic care for families living in and around the Wyckoff, NJ area. With a wide range of treatment options, we strive to relieve your pain with non invasive procedures that treat the source of your pain, not just cover it up with pain medications. If you or a loved one suffers from pain, then you have come to the right place!

Changing Lives...One Patient At A Time

Dr. Jerold Kaminsky and his wife, Dr. Debra Garofalo-Kaminsky have been serving the community of Wyckoff, NJ. They look for the "root cause" of your pain, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Many chronic low back pain sufferers have opted for non surgical spinal decompression to relieve their pain. This technology has been shown to help with Chronic Back Pain, Sciatica, Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Spinal Stenosis, or Pinched Nerve.

At Wyckoff Family Chiropractic we educate our patients on how the body works, and its ability to heal. Read our patients' testimonials to hear how we help to eliminate pain and restore quality of life.

Our modern facility and friendly, caring staff reflects our commitment to the best technology for the non-surgical treatment of serious back pain as an alternative to back surgery.

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