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I've been searching for a new chiropractor for years now since leaving my first. Any place I've tried around the area has been scammy, and not helpful whatsoever with my pain. Other places offer all these other alternatives in conjunction with adjustments, which they all did not know how to properly do, but all I've needed in the past to relieve my back pain (which has been severe) was a proper adjustment in which this chiropractor can do. Within just the first week 50 percent of my pain was gone. Highly recommend this lovely couple, they know what they're doing and do not scam your insurance!

Amanda Vanacore

I was in constant pain and could not straighten my back and was very grumpy all the time. after a couple of sessions the pain has gone away and I am much happier since I am not in constant pain anymore. I still go weekly to be adjusted.

EJ Orbe

Quality personable care in a friendly private office.

Jade M.

When I’m in New Jersey I always stop by Dr. Jerrold Kaminsky’s office for an amazing chiropractic tune up. Not only is he a great chiropractor he’s a great person! This is a no brainer, Dr. Kaminsky is honest, compassionate and truly cares about his patients. He goes above and beyond! Love this place!!

David K.

Dr. Jerold Kaminsky is a great chiropractor and a good guy. He has helped me in just 3 visits with adjustments and spinal d compression. I will continue to go to him for further relief.I couple my adjustments with massages by the incredible Jade. She is an excellent massage therapist and I totally relax when I am in her care. On top of that, she is fun and funny and an all around great person. Do yourself a favor and visit Wyckoff Family Chiropractic!

Cindy M.

Dr. Jerold has been working on my back for about a month, and I have seen amazing results in the small amount of time that I have been under his care. He definitely knows his stuff, and extremely knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend his practice to others that seek pain management and relief!

Sal F.

I have Dr. Jerold Kaminsky as my chiropractor. Well, he helped me get my hips back into place because I couldn't walk right for 2 years after I had back and neck surgery. Everyone here in the office is wonderful. If I need something they have it here for me, they accommodate me. Everyone here is really wonderful. It's the best chiropractor clinic that I have ever been to. They are friendly, they care about you, and anything you need they help you out. And I will be coming here now for as long as I need to. Everybody is just great. That's all I can say. Thank you.

Lisa A.

Dr. Kaminsky is a consummate professional whose people skills are just as impressive as his chiropractic acumen. When I met Dr. K I was experiencing intense and chronic pain from a C6/C7 impingement. Several fingers were numb and I was quite debilitated and frankly, unable to function at anything close to normal.  After initial scans, we caucused on my predicament and opted for a regimen of cervical decompression, adjustment and ice with neuro-stimulation. It took approximately 3 months of 3 times per week sessions, but my pain abated completely and i regained full feeling/usage of all extremities and digits. During the treatment process, Dr. K. was always affable, quick with a witticism, and answered any questions or concerns with thoughtful reflection. I was very grateful to always be a partner in this process, rather than simply being told what to do in combating my injury. I would highly recommend Dr. Kaminsky to anyone seeking chiropractic treatment.


Great staff and doctors, work with you to address your problems and get you feeling better fast. Super positive feel and very little wait to get treatments. Been to many chiropractors and this has been the best experience by far!

Brian H.

I have been experiencing back pain since I was a teenager. At times it was completely unbearable. I am so grateful to Dr. Kaminsky for helping my back. He is attentive and compassionate to my pain problems. I finally am able to move around day to day without constant pain. Thank you so much for making me feel human again!

Barbra N.

I was suffering with headaches and Dr. Debra gave me relief. I always knew I was in good hands when I went to her. Both she and Dr. Jerry were very caring and professional. I highly recommend them.

Theresa B.

Very nice, well-equipped facility. Dr. Kaminsky was very compassionate and explained in detail what my problem was and what he was going to do to fix it. Would highly recommend.


Dr. Kaminsky is a highly skilled and compassionate doctor. Made me feel very comfortable and helped me get rid of my sciatic pain which has been bothering me for years and nothing else seemed to help.


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